Shelving System in Cold Distribution Warehouse

Do you know where to store your goods? We are the solution to your problem.

Thanks to a surface of 6000m², we have the place to keep your goods during the period of your stay in Casablanca .

For long or short duration storage, your goods can be put into a choice of a personalized or non personalized box.

Our working system will allow you fast accessibility to your goods if you make the request on time.

Our warehouse, safe and secure, will doubtless answer your requirements.

Consulting and follow-up represent a large part of our storage service , Euromove is committed to provide to customers a full storage service starting from a visit to estimate the volume, the packaging required and An experienced team to present solutions adapted to the expectations, requirements and budget of each.

You have a planning to respect or your new housing is still not ready, Euromove storage and warehousing is the solution .